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Farmer's Son

(Wrote this a looong time ago. :))

title: farmer's son
rating: pg
ship: klaine
fandom: glee
(also starring: Burt Hummel as the farmer lol)
summary: Blaine Anderson lives in the country part of Lima, Ohio and finds a job helping Burt Hummel on the man's farm. Blaine falls for the man's son, Kurt, a boy a year older than him that is constantly in and out of hospitals due to having brittle bones. Working hard on the Hummel farm soon becomes less like a chore. This story could easily take place in the old western days, but that's up to you.
author's note: It's only just beginning that country music stars are becoming more accepting of gay people, so in honor of that, I wrote a fic for Klaine that combined my love for the song Farmer's Daughter by Rodney Atkins, and Glee. Enjoy!

Blaine was scouring local classifieds for work. He was 17, now. He needed a job. He just wanted to help out his family a bit, and also have the freedom to go to the movies whenever he liked. Gas was cheaper where he lived as opposed to other places he heard about, but it still wasn't free, and he was tired of asking his parents for cash whenever he needed to fill up his beat up Ford.

Blaine eventually found a farmer in need of some help, and though he was more inclined to busy work around his mom and dad's restaurant, he couldn't pass up the chance to actually get paid for some hard work. He called the number and set up a meeting with Burt for Saturday. The farm was 3 miles away, 122 acres in desperate need of some TLC.

Blaine got out of his truck after navigating the dirt driveway up to the plantation-like home of the Hummel residence. Blaine could see a man that could only be Burt, working on a tractor by the barn off to the back of the land. Blaine made his way over and Burt shook his hand, trying his best to wipe off the dirt and oil first. Burt could tell the boy was new to this, from the way he stood straight, and didn't have any dirt on him whatsoever. He did appear determined, though. That was all he needed, really. Someone with a little motivation to get the job done. "You gotta truck?"

Blaine smiled and looked at the old Ford down the driveway. "It's not much, but it runs pretty great. It was my older brother's but he's in Los Angeles trying to be an actor." Burt nodded and gave a smile. "The job's yours if you want it, kid. I really would appreciate it. My son has medical issues that prevent him from working too hard on the farm." Blaine hoped it was nothing serious, but he decided not to look worried in case Burt wouldn't like the pity and fire him before he even started. "$10.00 an hour good for you?" Burt asked, breaking the silence.

"More than fair, sir." Blaine nodded, excited to finally have a job. "I can start today, if you'd like."

The two shook hands again to seal the deal, and Blaine was soon put off to work in the field, bailing and hauling hay to the horses and cows.

After herding pigs into a little fenced area to be fed, Blaine was starting to realize just how hard farm work actually was. When he cut his hand on some barbed fencing, pulled a muscle from trying to hoist some hay bundles larger than his torso, and almost exhausted himself from a dip in the creek to cool off, he was very tempted to just quit right then and there. That was until Kurt Hummel walked up as he lied on his back in the murky water to introduce himself. With the sun behind him, Blaine was sure he was an angel. He just stammered his own "h-hi," and gave a wave. Kurt chuckled and headed back to the house, leaving Blaine to wonder if he had really been there.

...I caught a glimpse of the farmer's son.

On a particularly hard and hot day, almost 2 weeks after Blaine had begun working on the farm, Kurt came out with a heavy tray of iced tea. "Why don't you take a break?" He shouted over the engine of the riding mower his father was on.

Blaine smiled and stacked the hay bail on top of others in his truck and hopped down, hoping he looked a little sexy while doing it. Maybe it was just him, but it seemed that Kurt had noticed this and had looked away biting his lower lip. Blaine took a glass of tea and tipped his hat. "Thanks." He sipped it thirstily and his eyes rolled back. "Wow, you should win an award for this."

"I have." Kurt beamed, giving a wink before heading into the direction of his father to get him to take a break, too.

Blaine had the feeling that Kurt knew he was interested. Hopefully, Kurt was into him, too...despite his father probably not being accepting. Not to mention, Blaine's father would have a field day if he acted on his "sickness." That was what the preacher always said, anyway. He had never heard it from his own family. Everyone went along with the preacher, though, most of the time.

As Burt was enjoying the tea his son made, he could see Kurt and Blaine smiling at each other. He was a proud papa in that moment. Finally, a boy to actually love his son, and a good one at that. Despite what people said around town about his son's sexuality, he just wanted his son to be happy with whoever he chose. Even if it was another guy. Kurt's life was hard enough with the death of his mother, and being born with a disease that could take him away at any moment if he so much as got out of bed the wrong way. He didn't need to be told he couldn't fall in love with someone of the same sex at the risk of going to Hell. No one should be told who to love, in Burt's simple opinion.

Blaine gave another tip of his hat to Kurt before setting off for work, leaving his tea inside his truck to finish off when he got to the barn. Kurt gave a wave and went back into the house, Blaine not being able to resist looking his way as he did.

...I fell in love with the farmer's son.

Almost a month had gone by and Blaine was even more happier about not quitting that first day. He and Kurt were getting closer and closer, both revealing to each other that they were in fact gay. Blaine was happy to know that Burt was accepting of Kurt, and kind of wished he was brave enough to tell his own parents. Especially since he felt things for Kurt he had never felt for anyone else. On especially hot days, the two would go to the creek where they had met and swam a while.

One of these instances, however, lead Kurt to slipping on a rock and breaking his right ankle in 2 places. Luckily, they were clean breaks, and nothing poked out, but Blaine was terrified and rushed Kurt to the hospital himself, still wet from the swim. He never left Kurt's side, and Kurt even let him pick out the color of the cast. Blaine went with sky blue, to match Kurt's eyes. He was also the first to sign it. It read: "Sorry that you got hurt. We'll be more careful when this comes off. Love, Blaine."

Burt was upset with Blaine for putting Kurt in danger, but Kurt prevented Burt from firing Blaine, reminding him of Blaine's hard work and the help he was giving Burt with the mounds of chores that were getting done sufficiently. "No more screw ups, please? Just do your job and try to be more careful with him." Burt said to Kurt when they were alone back on the farm. "I will be. I promise." Burt just nodded, understanding it was just an accident.

A week later, Blaine and Kurt were out in the yard, looking up at the stars. They were hidden from view by a huge willow tree, but still relatively close so Burt wouldn't worry. Blaine had stayed for dinner after another hard day's work that worked up a mean appetite from both him and Burt. Kurt was more than happy to cook up quite the small feast for the three of them, but Blaine wanted to get some air with Kurt before going home. Blaine wasn't aware that Kurt had already admitted to Burt that Blaine was perfect and he was falling madly in love, but the way Kurt stared at him in that moment, sent his heart racing. "Dinner was great." He said once more, the first time being when he took his first bite of mashed potatoes.

"Well, you've got a knack for growing really good veggies, so I can't take all the credit." Kurt smiled.

"You should. I'd let you." Blaine laughed.

"Coming from the son of a couple of restaraunt owners, I'll take the compliments." Kurt blushed and decided to rest his head on Blaine's shoulder. Blaine could smell the flowers on the wind and the floral shampoo in Kurt hair. He could fall asleep here, but he'd be in trouble, not just by his parents, but probably from Burt as well.

"I don't wanna leave." Blaine admitted, gently taking Kurt's fingers that were sticking out of his cast and holding them.

"I don't want you to, either." Kurt looked up at Blaine and smiled.

"I just want to make you happy, forever." Blaine heard himself say it, and was not sure where it came from, but he was glad he said it regardless.

Kurt's smile got wider and he leaned up a bit to capture Blaine's lips in an awkward, but lovely first kiss. It was the first time both of them had ever done this with anyone, especially another boy. Lips were all that touched, but to Blaine, that was all that was needed to cement his feelings for Kurt. He was desperately in love with the other boy, and he was going to spend his whole life proving it, no matter what anyone thought, said, or did.

...I come home to the farmer's son.

5 years later, the boys were still going strong, living at the farm in their own guest house. Blaine was still helping Burt out, and becoming more of a farmer everyday.

Kurt began working with Blaine's mom and dad who were very supportive of the two being together, despite Blaine's fears. Cooper, Blaine's brother, even began to visit more, especially on the day of their wedding. Sadly, it was more of a ceremony, and couldn't actually count as a marriage by the state of Ohio, but it felt real enough to them.

Kurt walked out with a glass of tea and smiled at his husband who was just hopping off the tractor. Kurt couldn't believe that beautiful man came into his life and loved him enough to see past the occasional casts and the occasional pain that came with so many injuries. He didn't know how long he would live, but he'd be happy with Blaine until that day came.

"Working hard, or hardly working?" Kurt asked, kissing Blaine's cheek and handing him a glass of tea.

"Just finished up and I'm going for a swim." Blaine explained, after taking a sip. "Gonna watch me?" Blaine teased with a wink.

"Can't. About to go to the restraunt for my shift, but I did want to ask you something." Kurt began.

"Well, I already asked you to marry me, so it you're due a question, I suppose." Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's hips and kissed his neck.

"Can we have a baby?" Kurt pulled away to ask Blaine this question, his eyes showing how serious he was.

Blaine was taken aback, but a smile graced his face slowly, and his response was a breathtaking kiss that left Kurt panting, his voice a few octaves lower.

"Is that a yes?" Kurt chuckled.

"That's a hell yes."

So the next time you think something is worth quitting, just remember that there are unforeseen rewards in sticking something out to the end.

The End
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